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Based in London, Gherson Solicitors has a seasoned history of advising on the most high-profile and challenging private client matters since 1988.

Our experts offer clear and practical tax, trust and succession planning advice to individuals, families, trustees, and family offices with both onshore and offshore interests.

Gherson private

Our team acts with the utmost discretion.  We help clients to structure their affairs, preserve their assets and pass them on to future generations in a tax-efficient way. We cater to their needs and sit by their side generation after generation to provide seamless advice on their tax, property, immigration, and general legal matters.

Gherson Private Services


Our team regularly advises clients on becoming tax residents, avoiding becoming tax residents, or ceasing to be tax residents in the UK.

We provide ongoing advice to clients regarding their tax residency status and can work closely with our partners around the globe to advise on individual global tax footprints. We help clients obtain their travel data from public authorities to ascertain their tax residency status, and strategically take a combined arms approach to advise on immigration residency and tax residency.


Our experts offer advice on domicile and deemed domicile status.

We advise clients on how to file for non-domicile status with a view to preserving their worldwide assets from falling within the scope of UK taxation.

Pre-arrival planning

Our dedicated lawyers advise clients on what steps to take before becoming tax resident in the UK. We assist families looking to relocate to the UK with their pre-arrival tax planning, as well as immigration applications.

We understand how pre-arrival tax planning is crucial for those who wish to benefit from the UK’s non-domicile tax system. As such, we provide our clients with a bespoke custom-made solution and guidance on the steps needed to take prior to embarking on their journey to the UK.

Acquisition of UK real estate

Our team provides comprehensive advice on the tax considerations of buying, owning, and selling UK real estate. We work closely with our partners to enable clients to acquire and dispose of prime UK real estate in the most tax-efficient way.

Our services stand the test of time and we have often been instructed throughout a particular property’s lifecycle, from its initial acquisition to eventual sale over the course of decades.

Tax implications of being UK tax resident or owning assets in the UK

We advise on all aspects of the income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax implications of being a tax resident in the UK, or owning assets in the UK.

We also advise on complex matters including the tax implications of owning crypto assets and complex tax.

Taxation of offshore trusts and offshore holding companies

We provide advice for settlors, trustees and beneficiaries of offshore trusts and owners of offshore holding companies on the UK tax issues that are relevant to them.

Establishment and ongoing administration of trusts

We advise settlors, trustees and beneficiaries on establishing and administering trusts.

Preparation of wills

We advise clients on the preparation of wills for individuals, estates, and succession. We provide long-term solutions as well as rapid responses to dynamic family situations requiring immediate attention.


Our experts advise on passing wealth to future generations in a tax efficient way. We work closely to build strong relationships with our clients, we accompany them through the decades to ensure a deep understanding of their individual needs.


We fiercely defend our clients’ reputations and advise our their families and businesses on any harm done to their good name whether within the UK or internationally. We work tirelessly by their side to fully understand their concerns and react expeditiously to protect their interests.


Our litigators resolve disputes and preserve clients’ interests in the most complex and high-value cases across a wide spectrum of matters ranging from commercial litigation to challenging traffic offences.

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