Corporate Responsibility

Gherson LLP endeavours to make a positive impact on our local and global community through both our legal work and the way we conduct business with our suppliers, neighbours and others. We recognise our responsibilities in the communities where we operate and seek to work in a way that produces positive benefits for them.

Although a small firm, Gherson LLP is committed to being an ethical and sustainable business. The foundations of this are underpinned by our core values and encompass four key areas:

  • Charity & Community
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Governance
  • Environment

Charity & Community

There is a strong history at Gherson LLP of supporting many charities, both large and small. This support takes place in many forms, ranging from in-house fundraising activities to collection boxes and charitable donations.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to upholding ethical business practices and, in conformity with legal requirements and the norms of the countries in which we operate, encourage a diverse workplace.

We use Fairtrade and other ethical suppliers where possible, and review them regularly – be it our coffee, groceries or plant suppliers, we try to use local and small businesses and are careful to vet all our suppliers and consultants to ensure that they are compliant with their regulators and do not engage in such practices as modern slavery, for example.


Good governance is the cornerstone of good business. This is why, as a firm, we are committed to promoting transparency, ethical behaviour and accountability both within our own operations and externally through our influence, counsel and strategic partnerships.


We are environmentally aware and are working towards net zero by reducing our carbon emissions in the workplace, e.g., reducing paper printing, turning off lights and heating and promoting cycling to work (including by our Senior Partner), amongst other initiatives.