Price Information

To ensure our clients and our potential clients have the information they need to make informed choices about the services offered by Gherson LLP, we set out below a guide to our prices.

As a specialist immigration firm, we undertake the broadest range of immigration work and this guide deals largely with the work that we undertake on behalf of members of the public. we also provide immigration services to businesses and not all of those.

The scope of our services includes assistance with Asylum and Human Rights applications, Extradition and Sanctions work. We are also instructed in highly specialised applications, which often fall outside of the Immigration Rules, and we are not able to provide those costs in a guide such as this.

Depending on the type of application and the client’s circumstances, we may offer a fixed fee or an hourly-rated quotation for our costs. The information below relates to both these circumstances.

The circumstances of each individual applicant are unique, and it is very difficult to provide a single price which would cover all eventualities, so when considering whether you would like to engage our services for any of the applications set out in the guide below, it is essential to take careful note of the following information:

Value added Tax (VAT)

All of the prices quoted exclude VAT. This is charged at the prevailing rate (currently  at 20%) and is payable on our fees and on most expenses which we are likely to incur on your behalf. There may be some situations in which VAT is not payable. We can provide guidance on this, however, you are advised to seek your own independent tax advice in this regard.

What is included in the prices in the guide

These figures represent our professional fees; in other words, this is the amount that we will charge for the legal work that our firm will undertake on your case.

Due to the individual nature of each application, the services provided to each client may differ. Generally, in each standard application our services will involve advising you about the relevant law and procedures, preparing the application for submission, liaising with you and third parties (where necessary) on your behalf and generally dealing with the matter until a decision is reached on the application.

What is not included

Any costs which we may incur on your behalf are not included in our professional fees. These can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Payments made to the Home Office on your behalf, such as application fees, Immigration Health Surcharge, submission costs etc.;
  • Payments made to the UKVI on your behalf, such as application fees, Immigration Health Surcharge, submission costs etc.;
  • Payments made to third parties on your behalf, such as HM Revenue & Customs, HM Passport Office or to the Land Registry etc.;
  • Counsel’s fees. In the event of us seeking the advice of a Barrister (Counsel), you will be liable for their fees which vary depending on seniority. We will discuss with you options and costs in relation to Counsel before instructing them on your behalf and we shall keep you informed as to the hourly rate of any barristers that are instructed in your matter;
  • Preparing Schedules of Absences from the UK;
  • Fees payable to Courts or Tribunals;
  • External Translation fees;
  • Costs of Experts or Agents instructed on your behalf;
  • Non-routine postage charges and courier charges;
  • Travel and meeting expenses.

We also charge for other services that we can provide on your behalf. These may include:

  • Photocopying and print room services;
  • Bank charges;
  • Document Certification Fees;
  • In-house Translation Fees; In the event that any translation work is required to be done on your matter, in-house translation work will be charged at an hourly rate of £65.00 plus VAT per hour and £85.00 plus VAT per hour for any translation done outside of our normal working hours;
  • There may be an additional charge of £150 plus VAT for a representative of Gherson LLP to attend with you at the Home Office’s Public Enquiry Office or Overseas Visitors Records Office (for Police Registration) in the UK, if applicable.
  • Finally, you will also be charged on a time-spent basis and in accordance with the relevant hourly rates, for work undertaken to ensure, in relation to you/your matter, that Gherson is in compliance with all relevant anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations and for the search, retrieval and return of documents relating to your matter that you may request, or that Gherson is legally required to provide to a third-party (other than to a regulator of Gherson’s work or our insurer).

Please note that the guide below sets out the prices for different types of immigration applications but individual circumstance may call for a combination of applications or for some intervention  in  advance  of  the  application.  We  will  always  advise  you  about  this  and  the anticipated cost. As your matter progresses, should it become clear that further costs may be necessary, we will, of course, provide an update at the earliest opportunity. The fees quoted below are for standard applications, except where specified. More complex matters will attract higher fees, but we will always advise you of this.