APR 2024

Routes to Settlement in the UK for Digital Technology Specialists 

A period of slow economic growth, recession fears and rising interest rates have laid the foundation for a large changeover of talent within the global technology sector. The effects have been keenly felt in the USA, with roughly 66,000 jobs cut last year. In spite of this, it could not be a better time to seek new opportunities in the UK for foreign tech talent. The rise and dominance of Silicon Valley is widely known, and despite recent transitions within the sector, it remains a leading hub for global tech innovation, investment and business growth. However, it certainly has its competitors, with London hot on its heels for over a decade.

5 Apr 2024

Mar 2024

How to extend my Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Extension and ILR

For those seeking to establish a business presence in the UK, the Sole Representative Visa serves as a crucial starting point. This vlog explores the path from a Sole Representative Visa to achieving Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status, offering insights into the key stages and requirements.

28 Mar 2024

How to obtain a Skilled Worker Visa and Sponsor License in 2024

Egor Dobryak, a Paralegal at Gherson’s UK Inbound Immigration Team explores the fundamental procedures for UK organisations seeking to obtain a Sponsor License for the recruitment of overseas workers, as well as the application process for Skilled Worker visas in 2024.

22 Mar 2024

What questions do immigration officers ask at the airport?

Xinyi Hu, a Paralegal in Gherson’s immigration team, explores what questions immigration officers might ask at the airport.

Embarking on a journey across international borders can be an exhilarating experience, filled with anticipation and excitement. However, for many travellers, the encounter with immigration officers upon arrival can introduce a layer of apprehension. We delve into the common enquiries posed by immigration officers, providing insights to help you prepare for your next international adventure.

14 Mar 2024

How can employers ensure compliance with immigration laws when hiring employees

Egor Dobryak, a Paralegal in Gherson’s immigration team, explores how UK employers can adhere to immigration regulations when recruiting overseas employees.

This video blog delves into the essential strategies UK employers must implement to maintain compliance with immigration laws when hiring employees. From conducting rigorous Right to Work checks to meticulous record-keeping and proactive monitoring, we explore how staying vigilant can safeguard businesses from penalties and legal ramifications.

1 Mar 2024

Feb 2024

What you need to know about the Youth Mobility Scheme visa

Lisa Uttley, a Solicitor in Gherson’s immigration team, talks about the Youth Mobility Scheme and recent positive developments which took effect in January 2024.

23 Feb 2024

UK Health and Care Worker Visa Guidance

Ines Yassa, an Immigration Consultant in Gherson’s immigration team, talks about the UK Health & Care Worker visa guidance

12 Feb 2024

Options for Dependent Family members under the UK Worker Visa Routes

Lina Kamenskikh, a Trainee Solicitor in Gherson’s Immigration team, discusses options for dependants to join their family member who is working in the UK.

8 Feb 2024

Updates to UK IHS and Minimum Salary Threshold

Mayuri Manjula, a Solicitor in Gherson’s immigration team, talks about the recent updates to the UK Immigration Health Surcharge and the minimum salary threshold that affects all the employers in the UK that sponsor migrant workers.

1 Feb 2024

JAN 2024

What visa do you need for participating in a Trade Show?

Priyanka Morjaria, a Paralegal in Gherson’s Immigration Team, discusses the visa options available to individuals looking to attend and promote their business at trade shows taking place in the UK this year. She will explore the conditions of these visas and talk about what is permitted and not permitted for visa holders whilst in the UK.

26 Jan 2024

UK Home Office fees hike – IHS and Civil Penalties regime charges are due to rise

This vlog is about the increasing Home Office visa fees and civil penalty charges for employers found to be knowingly employing individuals without the legal right to work in the UK. We will provide an update on the new levels of the Home Office fees and penalties coming to play in due course. We aim to provide a brief overview and useful tips on effective planning to accommodate potential costs associated with future hires, as well as on compliance and legal right to work checks conducted by UK companies. Please note that the Home Office has now confirmed that the increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge will come into force on 6 February 2024.

18 Jan 2024

UK Global Talent Digital Technology and Creative Route

Exploring the Global Talent visa for digital technology experts seeking to relocate to the UK, alongside insights into the creative route for those passionate about pursuing creative endeavours in the UK. In our video blog Egor Dobryak, a Paralegal in Gherson’s immigration team, talks about digital technology, the UK Global Talent visa and creative routes.

12 Jan 2024

The Innovator Founder Route Guidelines for Entrepreneurs Starting Businesses in the UK

Priyanka Morjaria, a Paralegal in Gherson’s immigration team, talks through the step you need to take in order to start an Innovative Business in the UK.

5 Jan 2024

Upcoming Immigration Shifts in the UK in 2024

Xinyi Hu, a Paralegal in Gherson’s immigration team, talks through the comprehensive five-point plan that promises to reshape UK’s immigration landscape in 2024.

22 Dec 2023

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