Updates on Funding One-Off Payments to Nurses and Health Professionals working for non-NHS Organisations

23 Nov 2023, 17 mins ago

While some non-NHS organisations receive ongoing funding through grants or donations, others may require one-off payments to address specific needs or launch targeted initiatives.

These one-off payments can be instrumental in responding to emerging health challenges, implementing new programmes or investing in technology and infrastructure to enhance service delivery.

On 6 November, the government announced that eligible healthcare staff at certain non-NHS organisations, including charities, social enterprises and local government, will benefit from government funding to pay for one-off payments of at least £1,655.

This comes after a 5% pay rise for many NHS staff salaries for 2023-2024, alongside two one-off payments worth between £1,655 and £3,789 for full-time staff. This deal was made between the government and unions in May 2023.

The government has now decided to direct funding to organisations with contracts to deliver NHS services, provided that the organisations make the payments themselves. Health Minister Will Quince cited the current economic circumstances when explaining the reasoning behind the concessions, and expressed that this would ensure that healthcare staff and their organisations would not be at a financial disadvantage due to the NHS pay deal. He also stated that the bonuses were, in part, an award for their hard work during the pandemic.

It is important to note that there are some conditions to the payments. Organisations must show that they have been financially harmed by the pay deal and that their staff are employed under the dynamically-linked Agenda for Change contracts. Many organisations have already made the payments to their staff and will now be able to apply for reimbursements, and others plan to do so in the future. The funding will begin in the next few weeks and will likely be completed by 2024.

Those in the medical profession believe that there is still work to be done, as the Nurses in general practice were promised a 6% pay rise by the government, which they have not been given. In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, non-NHS organisations are indispensable in addressing diverse health needs. Securing one-off payments is an essential strategy for these organisations to thrive and adapt to evolving challenges. By exploring various funding sources and staying attuned to opportunities, non-NHS entities can continue to make a lasting impact on community health, creating a healthier and more resilient society.

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