How do I renew my British passport?

30 Nov 2023, 07 mins ago

A short guide to renewing your UK passport.

In the UK, renewing your passport is essential due to its limited validity. Passports for those aged 15 and below are valid for 5 years, while those aged 16 and above get a 10-year validity. Failing to renew in time may impede international travel. Adults (16 and above) can renew via paper or online application. For the former, the applicant will need to obtain a paper form, fill it out in black ink and submit along with the documents and photos required. The online process involves providing current details, selecting the relevant passport type and uploading a compliant photo.

Standard adult passport renewal

The cost for online renewal is £82.50, while the paper form option is available for £93. This applies to individuals aged 16 or older, or those turning 16 within the next three weeks. Different procedures exist for those outside the UK. To track your application, use the reference number provided. The new passport will be delivered by courier or Royal Mail, with delivery options tailored to your convenience.

Standard child passport renewal

Child passport renewals entail confirming British citizenship, parental responsibility and submitting old passports and passports of any other nationality held. Providing both parents’ details is essential, but if this is not possible, reasons must be explained, such as being the sole parent named on the birth certificate or having adopted the child independently. Identity confirmation for children under 12 is required from a UK resident over 18, known for at least 2 years, from a recognised profession, not related to the child and not working at Her Majesty’s Passport Office. The cost is £53.50 online or £64 with a paper form.

The renewal generally takes around 3 weeks, however, there are expedited renewal options should standard processing times be unsuitable.

1-Week Fast track and Premium Services

To book an appointment at a passport office, you have to pay online and schedule up to 3 weeks in advance. Eligibility for these services requires being in the UK and needing to renew, replace or update a passport, or obtain a first child passport. Two options exist for expediting services: the Online Premium service, where you receive your new passport at the appointment which lasts up to 30 minutes, and the 1-week Fast Track service, delivering your passport within 7 days of the appointment (excluding bank holidays). Notably, dual nationals cannot use the premium service.

It is important that you keep your old passport, in case there has been a change of name or a significant change in appearance. Post-Brexit, new dark blue passports are issued during renewals, with a 6-month minimum validity for travel.

It would also be advisable to avoid peak times for submission, which are usually in the months of November and May. However, even more importantly, it is recommended that you renew your passport well in advance of your planned international travel.

Renewing your UK passport ensures smooth international travel, so stay informed about the process and any post-Brexit changes.

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