Can my children apply for dependent visas if I am on a Skilled Worker visa.

29 Dec 2022, 05 mins ago

If you are being sponsored to come to the UK on a Skilled Worker visa, you can potentially bring some of your family with you on Dependant visas.  

Your eligible dependants include your husband, wife or civil partner. Your unmarried partner may also be eligible, if you have been living together in a relationship for at least two years. If you are not married, usually you must prove that you have been living together for two years immediately before you apply, but there are exceptions, for example, if you are currently living apart for work reasons, but were previously living together for two years or more.

If you have children, they may also be able to apply for a Dependant visa, as long as they are under 18 at the time of their first application. If your child is 16-17 years old, they must demonstrate on their application that they are still dependent on you – that usually means that they live with you (unless they are at boarding school or college) and are financially supported by their parents. They must not be married or in a civil partnership.  

Usually children are eligible for a Dependent visa only if both of their parents are coming to the UK to live. In the event that only one parent is relocating to the UK, the parent must demonstrate that they have sole responsibility for the child.

When can your family members apply for their dependant visas?

Your family can apply for their visas either at the same time as you submit your Skilled Worker visa application, or after your application has been approved and at any time whilst your visa is valid.

They will be granted leave with the same expiry date as yours, even if they apply later.

If your dependants do not apply at the same time as you, they may need to provide additional evidence to show that their relationship with you is subsisting, particularly if there has been a significant gap between you being granted a visa and them applying.

Each dependant will be required to complete a separate visa application form and, in most cases, attend a biometrics appointment.

How Gherson can assist?

Dependant visa applications are not easy to navigate as a wide variety of documents is necessary to evidence all of the requirements. Gherson’s Immigration Team are highly experienced in dealing with Dependant visa applications. If you have any questions arising from this blog, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice, send us an e-mail, or, alternatively, follow us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn to stay-up-to-date.

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