What is INTERPOL’s Biometric Hub?

22 Feb 2024, 15 mins ago

INTERPOL uses Biometric Hub to arrest a fugitive


European law enforcement has successfully used data from INTERPOL’s Biometric Hub (INTEROL’s tool that leverages biometric data to identify suspects) to arrest a fugitive migrant smuggler, who was travelling under false identity and was intercepted in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His biometric data was entered in the INTERPOL system and checked against INTERPOL’s global databases resulting in his photograph being flagged as wanted in another European country.

What is INTERPOL’s Biometric Hub?

In October 2023, INTERPOL launched its Biometric Hub, a tool which employs technology supplied by the French identity and biometrics vendor Idemia to compare individual biometric data with INTERPOL’s extensive global fingerprint and facial recognition databases. INTERPOL announced the rollout of the HUB on its 100th anniversary at the 91st General Assembly, with access granted to 196 of its member nations.

During the initial phase INTERPOL has been using the HUB to identify potential Persons of Interest (POIs) in police investigations. Already, the INTERPOL identification system allows member countries to identify POIs faster than ever before. The second phase of deployment, planned over the next two years, will extend the system’s application to border control points to enhance border security worldwide.

Are there any privacy concerns?

Biometric data used in searches, performed via INTERPOL’s Biometric Hub, is not added to criminal databases, nor it is visible to other users; besides, the data that does not result in a match is deleted following the investigation, thus respecting the data privacy policy.

INTERPOL assistance

If you fear that a jurisdiction may have requested INTERPOL to process data relating to you, or if you are concerned about potential liability, you should get in contact with Gherson.

Gherson Solicitors continue to receive requests for expert advice and assistance from those who fear they may have outstanding financial issues arising. The advice tackles:   

  1. How to best approach a possible INTERPOL red notice;
  2. Preparing for potential criminal proceedings / an extradition request;
  3. Preparing for a situation where a civil matter or commercial dispute could be used to initiate bogus criminal proceedings; and
  4. Even exploring the possibility of instigating civil litigation proceedings to recover any misappropriated assets.

Gherson have previously written a series of blogs designed to assist those who fear they might be subject to INTERPOL measures (including a Red Notice):

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Regulation and compliance

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How Gherson can assist

Gherson’s white-collar crime and regulatory team  provide advice and assistance with AML and sanctions compliance, including in situations involving cryptoassets

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