What is a Parent of a Student Child visa?

21 Nov 2022, 08 mins ago

If your child is studying at an independent fee-paying school in the UK, you can come and live with them if you obtain a Parent of a Child Student visa.

General requirements

To qualify for a Parent of a Child Student visa, your child must first have a valid Child Student visa or is applying for one. Secondly, they must be aged between 4 and 11 when you apply. If your child is older than 12, you are no longer eligible for this route, as the child is deemed to be sufficiently independent from full-time parental supervision. Lastly, you must satisfy the financial requirement.

Financial requirement

The financial requirement is usually the most challenging part to satisfy. As a Parent of a Child Student, you must have sufficient funds to support yourself and the Child Student. You must prove that you have £1,560 each month for your stay in the UK for up to 9 months. In case you have more than one child on a Child Student visa, an additional £625 per month is required for every other child. You may not have to provide financial evidence if you have been in the UK for the previous 12 months on another visa.

As with the Child Student visa, this route does not lead to permanent settlement. Thus, you must also prove that you have the funds to maintain your home outside the UK. This could be in the form of mortgage statements or other bills from overseas.

Can my partner join me?

The Parent of a Child Student visa only permits one parent to accompany a student child in the UK, meaning the other parent must live abroad and cannot join you on this visa. 

How long can I stay?

Your permission to stay in the UK depends on your child’s visa status. This means your visa will expire at the same time as your child’s visa or when they turn 12.

Can I work on a Parent of Child Student visa?

No, the Parent of a Child Student visa does not permit employment or self-employment.

Other restrictions include studying or switching to a different type of visa from within the UK. Additionally, you are not entitled to any benefits and cannot make the UK your main home.

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