What documents are required for an Indefinite Leave to Remain application?

20 Sep 2023, 15 mins ago

Discover which crucial documents you need for a successful Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application in the UK in order to navigate this process with confidence.

Obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK is a significant milestone for individuals seeking long-term residency. However, navigating the ILR application process can be complex and daunting. To help streamline your ILR journey, we have outlined the essential documents you will need to submit with your application.

Current Passport: Ensure that your current passport is valid and contains your current visa. You will need to provide a clear photocopy of all the relevant pages, including the bio-data page and any UK entry stamps.

Proof of Continuous Residence: You will need to demonstrate that you have been continuously residing in the UK throughout your visa period by providing documents such as utility bills, tenancy agreements or bank statements spanning the required time frame.

Financial Evidence: Confirmation of your financial stability, including bank statements showing a consistent income source, employment contracts, payslips or self-assessment tax returns if you are self-employed.

Life in the UK Test and English Language Proficiency: For most applicants, passing the Life in the UK Test and demonstrating English language proficiency is essential. Include proof that you passed the test (for example, a reference number), and an English language qualification, if applicable.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): Include your current and any expired BRP cards.

Details about any periods of time that you have been out of the UK: Provide a comprehensive list of all your travel history outside the UK during your visa period. Include dates, destinations, and the purpose of travel.

Information about where you live in the UK: Submit proof of your current UK address, typically in the form of a tenancy agreement, utility bills or mortgage statements. Ensure that the documents clearly display your name and address.

Passport-Sized Photos: Include two recent passport-sized photos that meet the UKVI photo guidelines.

Evidence that you live with your partner (if you are applying with them): If you are applying with a partner, provide evidence of your cohabitation. This can include joint utility bills, tenancy agreements, bank statements or correspondence addressed to both of you at the same address.

Dependant Documents: If you have dependants applying with you, include their documents and proof of relationship to you. If you are applying with dependent children, you can provide their birth certificates as evidence of their relationship to you.

With the right documents in hand, you will be one step closer to securing your indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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