Requirements for switching from a Fiancée/Fiancé Visa to a Spouse Visa

08 Nov 2023, 42 mins ago

If you are currently in the UK on a Fiancée/Fiancé Visa and planning to marry your British or settled partner, you will need to switch to a Spouse Visa to continue living together in the country. In this blog post, we will walk you through the requirements and guidelines for making this transition.

The Fiancée/Fiancé Visa is for individuals who intend to marry their British or settled partner in the UK and then switch to the Spouse visa within the UK without the need to return to their home country. It is a short-term visa and does not grant the right to stay in the UK after the wedding for more than 6 months. The Home Office would expect the holder of the Fiancée/Fiancé  Visa to switch to the Spouse Visa upon marriage and before any travel is conducted (honeymoon, for example). Please note that work is not permitted while present in the UK on the Fiancée/Fiancé visa.

The Spouse Visa is for individuals who are married to a British citizen or a person with settled status in the UK and wish to live together permanently in the UK. After spending 5 years in the UK on a Spouse Visa, you may then become eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

To successfully switch to a Spouse Visa, you must:

  • Hold a valid Fiancée/Fiancé Visa and not have breached any of the conditions. Ensure that you have not overstayed your visa or engaged in any illegal activities;
  • Satisfy the good character requirement;
  • Satisfy the genuine and subsisting relationship requirement;
  • Satisfy the financial requirement;
  • Speak and understand English to a required level;
  • Be legally married in a marriage that is recognised in the UK;

However, these are largely the same as the initial entry clearance requirements for the Fiancée/Fiancé  Visa, so you may not have to make any additional preparations to show that you meet these requirements if you have already demonstrated your eligibility with your Fiancée/Fiancé visa application.

It is crucial to understand and meet the requirements outlined above to ensure a smooth transition. Seeking legal advice or assistance from an immigration expert can be valuable in navigating the process successfully.

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