Possible Delays in the Delivery of Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)

24 Nov 2023, 43 mins ago

Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) prove that visa holders have a right to live, study, or work in the UK. It is the main proof of your immigration status in the UK, and you must carry it with you when you travel abroad in order to be allowed to return to the UK. BRPs are usually delivered within 7 to 10 days following the decision on your application; however, it appears that these timelines have slipped latetly.

This week, the Home Office has contacted visa applicants to warn them of a possible delay in the delivery of their BRPs. The Department of Work and Pensions currently has more enquiries than usual, which means that issuing National Insurance Numbers to visa applicants – some of whom need these numbers printed on their BRPs – is taking longer than normal.

If your BRP is being delayed and you are working in the UK or due to begin a new role, rest assured there are temporary steps that you and your employer can complete in order to prove your right to work. One way is for your employer to use the Employer’s Checking Service. This is an online platform that can generate a confirmation of your right to work.

Similarly, landlords will have access to a platform called the Landlord Checking Service.

Other bodies that need to confirm your status, such as government departments, can contact the Status Verification and Enquiries Checking (SVEC) service at the Home Office. If you are looking to open a bank account, it may be possible to do so without your BRP, but this can vary as banks have their own requirements you would need to meet, so we would recommend contacting banks directly for further advice. You also do not need a BRP to register with the NHS; if needed, they can find your status with the SVEC.

There is no requirement to contact the Home Office or the DWP if your BRP has not arrived after 10 days of being issued, and, in any case, we would suggest contacting the delivery company first (you will be sent tracking details). However, if the delivery company is unable to verify the status of your BRP, we recommend reporting this to the Home Office via this link. From January 2025, BRPs will no longer be a valid proof of status. The Home Office is planning to move to a digital platform so that your immigration status will only be verifiable through an online system called eVisa. The Home Office is expected to release more information by next year on how to proceed once BRPs are removed from circulation.

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