Is Russia leaving INTERPOL and the Red Notice system?

26 Jan 2024, 09 mins ago

Various media sources have reported that Russia is allegedly considering leaving the INTERPOL system.

This follows the INTERPOL General Assembly held in Vienna last year, on which we reported at the time, noting that INTERPOL had discussed Red Notice abuse.

What could it all mean?  

Should these media reports be correct, and Russia is indeed due to leave the INTERPOL system, this would severely limit Russia’s ability to locate and return individuals suspected of criminality.

The reasons reportedly given for Russia’s apparent withdrawal include a move in response to the complaints of other member states and the imposition of sanctions.

Indeed, over the years there have been multiple reports of Russia’s abuse of the INTERPOL Red Notice system, including to pursue dissidents, activists and critics.

Some took the news of Russia’s apparent exit as a call for action and have now urged for another review of the whole INTERPOL system, given the reported abuse by other countries, such as China and the UAE.

Indeed, we have written about other countries’ misuse of the INTERPOL system and Red Notices, including in a blog on the INTERPOL and Red Notice ‘abuse’ in the Middle East.

How Gherson can help

If you fear that you may be subject to INTERPOL measures, including a Red Notice, you should consider seeking expert legal advice.

Gherson Solicitors continue to receive requests for expert advice and assistance from individuals who fear that they may have outstanding financial issues arising. Our advice tackles:  

  1. How to best approach a possible INTERPOL Red Notice?
  2. Preparing for potential criminal proceedings / an extradition request;
  3. Preparing for a situation where a civil matter or commercial dispute could be used to initiate bogus criminal proceedings; and
  4. Exploring the possibility of instigating civil litigation proceedings to recover any misappropriated assets.

Gherson have previously written a series of blogs designed to assist individuals who fear that they may be subject to INTERPOL measures (including a Red Notice):

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Gherson has nearly four decades of experience in assisting with all aspects of INTERPOL or Red Notice challenges and extradition. If you would like to speak to us in respect of any of the issues raised in this blog or about your specific circumstances,  do not hesitate to contact us for advice, send us an e-mail, or alternatively, follow us on XFacebook, or LinkedIn to stay-up-to-date.

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