Immigration Routes for Journalists and Media Professionals

17 Nov 2023, 58 mins ago

Standard Visitor Visa (Business)

You can visit the UK on a business visit for up to 6 months for limited purposes, including attending conferences, getting work-related training that is unavailable in your country, giving talks in the UK, etc. If your overseas role as a journalist requires you to visit the UK for specific activities, such as gathering information for publication overseas, you may be permitted to enter the UK as a visitor.  Whether you need a visit visa before entering the UK to complete these activities depends on your nationality, as citizens of some countries are exempt from obtaining a visit visa to enter the UK. For example, US and Canadian nationals are exempt from obtaining a visit visa to enter the UK as either a standard or business visitor. We recommend that you conduct initial checks before embarking on your journey to the UK so that you don’t encounter any issues.

Skilled Worker Visa/Senior or Specialist Worker Visa

If you intend to work as a journalist or as a media professional in the UK for a UK employer or for a UK branch of your overseas employer, you will need the relevant work visa before you can enter the UK.  The relevant UK employer must provide you with a certificate of sponsorship with the information of your job role in the UK, and you must be paid the minimum salary required for your role. You must also meet other requirements specific to the visa category that is applicable to you, such as the English language requirement, and obtaining a Tuberculosis test certificate, etc.  After five years of continuous residence in the UK as a Skilled Worker, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency. It is important to note that the Senior or Specialist Work visa route does not lead to settlement, therefore, the suitable visa category for you will also depend on your future plans.

You may be eligible for other visa routes as well, based on your unique circumstances. We therefore recommend that you seek relevant legal advice before planning your journey.

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