How long does it take to get my BRP after I arrive in the UK?

16 Nov 2022, 10 mins ago

Once you have received a decision on your visa application submitted outside of the UK, you are advised that you need to collect your new Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP) either within 10 days of your arrival in the UK, or by the expiry of your entry clearance vignette placed in your passport, whichever is the later.

You can collect your new BRP from a Post Office nominated by you during the online application process. Most applicants nominate a Post Office situated near their UK place of work, or near their intended UK home address. The confirmation of where to collect the BRP will be printed in the visa decision letter.

When collecting the BRP, the applicant will need to provide several documents to prove their identity. These documents include passport, visa vignette and the Home Office approval letter. Without these documents the Post Office may not hand over the BRP. 

A person must be nominated to collect a child’s BRP, even if they are the child’s parent. This nomination has to be approved by the Home Office, who will tell the person within 5 working days if they have been approved to collect the child’s BRP. The applicant does not need to be nominated if they are collecting their own BRP and they are named on the child’s vignette sticker. 

It is possible to change the Post Office branch, which was nominated in the online application. The applicant needs to arrange this at the Post Office branch they want to use instead. A fee must be paid at the time of the change. This is the only way to change the delivery branch, it is not possible to change it by phone. It is important that the applicant ensures their preferred Post Office branch offers a ‘BRP collection service’.

It is sometimes possible for delays to occur in the production or delivery of your new BRP. Should this be the case, it is important to report this to the Home Office at the earliest opportunity, as delays may, for example, affect the applicant’s ability to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK.

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