How do I bring my dog to the UK?

25 Jan 2024, 43 mins ago

Are you thinking of embarking on a new adventure in the United Kingdom with your four-legged companion? Bringing your dog to the UK does not have to be a daunting task. This blog post serves as your go-to guide for navigating the process and ensuring a smooth journey for both you and your furry friend.

Understand the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS):

The UK operates under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), allowing dogs and cats to travel between certain countries without undergoing quarantine. Check if your home country is on the approved list and ensure that your dog meets the necessary requirements.


Microchipping is a key prerequisite for bringing your dog to the UK. Ensure that your pet has a compliant microchip, and the information is up to date with your current contact details.

Rabies Vaccination:

Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies. Your pet should receive the vaccination at least 21 days before travel. Ensure that your dog’s rabies vaccinations are kept up to date throughout their lifetime.

Tapeworm Treatment:

If you are travelling to the UK from a country that is not considered free from tapeworm, your dog must be treated by a vet 24 to 120 hours ahead of entering the UK. Keep records of the treatment for verification.

Get a Pet Passport:

Obtain a pet passport from your vet, documenting all the necessary information, including microchip details, rabies vaccinations and tapeworm treatments. This passport serves as your pet’s travel documentation.

Choose a Reputable Pet Transport Service:

Select a reliable pet transport service or airline with experience in pet travel. Ensure that they comply with all regulations and provide a comfortable and secure environment for your dog during the journey.

Plan Your Travel:

Coordinate your travel plans, ensuring that they align with your dog’s needs. Plan for breaks during long journeys, and carry essential items such as water, food, and your pet’s favourite toys to keep them comfortable.

Upon Arrival in the UK:

Once in the UK, be prepared for checks at the border. Ensure that all your documentation is readily available, and your dog meets the entry requirements. Familiarise yourself with local vets in case you need their services.

Settling In:

Give your dog time to acclimatise to their new surroundings. Find local parks and pet-friendly areas to help them adjust and make new furry friends.

Health and Well-being:

Schedule a visit to a UK vet to ensure your dog’s ongoing health and well-being. Familiarise yourself with local pet care services and resources.


Bringing your dog to the UK is a rewarding experience that requires careful planning and adherence to regulations. By following the steps required, you will pave the way for a seamless transition, allowing your furry friend to join you in exploring the wonders of the United Kingdom. Safe travels, and may your new adventures be filled with wagging tails and happy memories!

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