How can I change my Expansion Worker sponsor licence rating from provisional to A?

19 Oct 2023, 05 mins ago

Once your UK Expansion Worker sponsor licence application is approved, your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) allocation and licence rating will depend on whether the Authorising Officer (“AO”) named in your licence application is based in the UK or overseas.

You will receive either “A-” or “Provisional” rating if your application for a sponsor licence via the UK Expansion Worker route is approved.

Authorising Officer based in the UK

It is necessary to designate a Level 1 User (and a Key Contact) who is also based in the UK if the Authorising Officer is an employee. Unless you are exempt, the Level 1 User must also be a settled employee. The Level 1 User and/or Key Contact roles may be filled by the Authorising Officer or, if necessary, by another person who meets the requirements.

If the sponsor licence application is granted, the UK firm will receive ran A-rating and a full CoS allocation (up to a maximum of 5), provided that the person listed in the UK Expansion Worker sponsor licence application as the Authorising Officer is already based in the UK.

Authorising Officer based outside of the UK

The Level 1 User must also be the Authorising Officer if they work for an overseas business outside of the UK.

‘Provisional’ licence rating is the rating given if your Authorising Officer (and Level 1 User) works for the overseas business. The UK company will initially be assigned a CoS allocation of 1 and a Provisional licencing rating. For the purpose of submitting an application for entrance clearance to the UK, the Authorising Officer must assign the CoS to themselves. In order to increase the CoS allocation after receiving entry permission, the AO must send a request via the SMS to have the sponsor licence rating changed from provisional to A-rated. Once the company has received an A-rating for its sponsor licence, and the Authorising Officer is legally residing in the UK, they will have the authority to designate different individuals to these roles and request an increase in the CoS allocation up to a maximum of four.

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