Gherson LLP’s ‘Friday FAQs’ – Issues with BRP and Supplementary Work for Skilled Worker Visa Holders

01 Sep 2023, 16 mins ago

This week our immigration specialists from the Gherson LLP UK Inbound Immigration Team will be exploring the following topics:

  • What should I do if my BRP has not arrived?
  • How can I re-enter the UK if I do not have my BRP with me?
  • What supplementary work can Skilled Worker visa holders undertake?

It has been over 10 working days and my BRP still has not arrived

If you have received a letter from the Home Office confirming that you were granted a visa, you should generally expect to receive a biometric residence card (BRP) shortly afterwards.

If you applied for your visa from the UK, the card is expected to arrive to your postal address in the UK. If you applied for your visa from overseas, you should be able to collect your BRP from a Post Office branch upon your arrival to the UK.

However, from time to time, BRPs may go missing. It is recommended to wait for at least 10 working days before taking any steps. If you still have not received your BRP after 10 working days, you should report your BRP as missing via either of the following online forms:

Please note that it can take up to 15 working days for the Home Office to respond, and you should not complete the online form more than once.

I went abroad and forgot to bring my BRP with me. How can I re-enter the UK?

Your BRP card serves as proof of your immigration status in the UK, so you will be required to show it at the border upon your return to the UK. Depending on your nationality you might also be asked by the airline you fly with (if applicable) to evidence your immigration status in the UK. Failure to provide a valid BRP card may result in you being refused boarding and/or re-entry into the UK.

If you have travelled abroad and realised that you forgot to bring your BRP with you, you may consider applying for a ‘Replacement BRP visa’ from overseas. You will need to prove your identity and submit your passport, as well as to attend a biometric appointment at one of the visa application centres in the country where you are presently located. The current processing timelines for this application is up to 3 weeks and you will not be allowed to enter the UK until this application is granted.

I have a Skilled Worker visa. What are the conditions for undertaking supplementary work?

As a Skilled Worker you are only permitted to take on supplementary work if it meets the following requirements:

  • You may not do this work for more than 20 hours a week;
  • You may do this work only outside of the working hours stipulated in your employment contract with your current sponsor, and this work must not interfere with the role you are sponsored for; and
  • This supplementary work must either fall under the same occupation code and be at the same skill level as your current job with your sponsor, or this supplementary role must be on the shortage occupation list as defined by the Home Office.

We recommend that you seek legal advice before undertaking any supplementary work, to consider your specific circumstances and ensure that you meet all the relevant requirements.

How Gherson can assist

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