Can I obtain a UK work visa if I hold an entry-level position?

11 Dec 2023, 03 mins ago

Securing a working visa for the UK can be a complex process, and many aspiring professionals wonder if it’s possible to obtain one for an entry-level position. The short answer is yes, but the journey is not without its challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities and requirements for obtaining a working visa in the UK for entry-level positions.

Understanding the Skilled Worker visa:

The primary avenue for individuals to work in the UK is through the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa is designed for skilled workers and requires sponsorship from a UK employer. Whilst entry-level positions may not always meet the standard definition of “skilled,” some opportunities may still qualify under specific conditions.

Key Points for Entry-Level Positions:

  1. Salary Thresholds:
    • To be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa, the salary offered must meet the minimum threshold set by the government. Entry-level positions may have lower salary requirements, making it easier for employers to sponsor candidates for these roles.
  2. Job Classification:
    • Certain entry-level positions may fall under job classifications that are considered skilled. It is crucial to carefully review the UK’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system to determine whether a particular role qualifies.
  3. Occupation Codes:
    • Each job has a corresponding occupation code within the SOC system. Some entry-level positions may be listed as skilled occupations, making it possible for individuals to secure a Skilled Worker visa. It is essential to check the specific code associated with the desired role.
  4. Shortage Occupation List:
    • Some entry-level roles may be on the UK’s Shortage Occupation List, which highlights professions with a scarcity of qualified workers. Positions on this list often have more relaxed criteria for sponsorship, providing a potential advantage for individuals seeking entry-level opportunities.
  5. Graduate Route:
    • Graduates from UK universities may have access to the Graduate visa, allowing them to stay and work in the UK for two years (or three years for Ph.D. graduates) after completing their studies. This period can serve as a valuable bridge to securing a more permanent work visa.

Whilst obtaining a Skilled Worker visa for an entry-level position in the UK may pose challenges, it is certainly possible with the right approach. Conduct thorough research, seek opportunities that align with the visa requirements, and ensure compliance with the necessary criteria. Remember, the landscape of immigration policies can evolve, so staying informed and seeking professional advice when needed will enhance your chances of success in pursuing your career goals in the UK.

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