Can I extend my Visit visa once in the UK?

30 Jan 2024, 50 mins ago

A common query that individuals on a UK Visit visa have concerns the possibility of extending their Visit visa once they are already in the UK. This blog delves into this matter.

Typically, a UK Visit visa grants you a 6-month stay. However, circumstances may arise where extending your visit becomes a necessity. If your initial visa permits less than six months of stay, you can apply to extend it for a cumulative period of up to six months, covering the time you have already spent in the UK.

Medical treatment or academic pursuits could be compelling reasons for an extension. If you are a patient seeking further medical attention, or an academic engaged in research, you might be eligible for an extension of your visa. The process involves submitting supporting documents such as medical records or academic qualifications and paying a £1,000 fee (additionally, you can pay an extra £1,000 if you wish to use the super priority service).

Academic endeavours offer a broader window, allowing extensions of up to twelve months. Requirements include demonstrating high qualifications in your field, prior overseas academic employment and a commitment not to fill a permanent teaching post in the UK.

For those re-taking the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test, extension is possible; however, providing meticulous documentation, including a letter from the General Medical Council, is crucial.

While navigating the extension process, it is crucial to adhere to the guidelines laid out by the UK immigration authorities.

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