3 TOP TIPS: How to choose the right long-term business visa for the UK

06 Dec 2023, 55 mins ago

Are you looking to relocate to the UK for work, but not sure which visa route is most suitable for you? In this blog we explain the different nuances you will need to consider before deciding which visa route to apply for.

1. Your professional background and skills

When deciding which type of work visa would suit you best, a good starting point is to consider your professional background and the type of skills you hold to perform certain roles.

For example, if you are already involved in the management of a successful international business and you are nominated to explore the UK market on behalf of your organisation, it may be appropriate for you to look into the Expansion Worker visa.

Alternatively, if you have a wealth of experience in your field of practice, you may consider the Global Talent visa, which is targeted at highly skilled individuals. One of the requirements of this visa is that you have to be recognised as a leader in your field, or demonstrate exceptional promise that you will become a leader in your field.

2. Your work industry

The type of industry you are looking to pursue or continue working in is also an important factor in deciding which visa type is right for you. For example, the Global Talent visa offers a variety of fields which you can be recognised in, ranging from digital technology and engineering to more creative industries, such as fashion or film and television.

On the other hand, you may be interested in developing a new business concept that you wish to bring to the UK – the most appropriate visa category for this is the Innovator Founder route. This type of visa will, however, require demonstrating that you have the relevant skills, qualifications and entrepreneurial experience to lead the business in the UK.

3. Sponsored employment or self-employment

Before you apply for a work visa, it is good to think about whether you have an organisation in mind which you would like to apply for, or if setting up your own business is your ultimate goal. The former option will require you to secure sponsorship under the Skilled Worker visa route. This is the most common work visa route that applicants follow when looking for permanent employment in the UK. This type of visa will require the UK employer to hold a sponsor licence, while the applicant will need to show that they meet certain eligibility criteria, including a job offer at the required skill level and English language proficiency.

However, if self-employment is preferable for you, then you may consider the Innovator Founder route, which provides more flexibility to allow more genuinely innovative entrepreneurs to enter the UK and set up their own new business.

In conclusion, to ensure that you chose the right visa type, you will need to consider your abilities, background and skills you hold that are relevant to your profession. If you are still unsure which option is right for you, do not hesitate to contact a member of our General UK Inbound Immigration Team and we will be happy to assist you with your decision.

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