Extradition in the UK is a streamlined process and moves extremely quickly, particularly in cases concerning arrest warrants issued by European Union (EU) countries under Part 1 of the Extradition Act 2003.

Our highly skilled and experienced extradition lawyers can advise you in relation to all possible defences to an extradition request.

The team has unparalleled experience in handling complex cases involving politically motivated charges and has substantial experience in dealing with requests from the Russian Federation and other former Soviet States. We have also been involved in high profile cases involving the USA and EU countries.

We specialise in asylum and immigration law, which have become increasingly relevant in extradition cases. The interplay between extradition and these areas requires careful consideration when approaching tactical case decisions. Having the ability to call on leading practitioners in these areas places us in a unique position amongst other firms who solely specialise in extradition.

We maintain an impressive network of lawyers abroad who are able to assist in representing our clients and are equally experienced in managing large multi-jurisdictional teams.  Our stellar reputation in this area has granted us excellent relationships with leading domestic and international experts who we can call upon in areas such as prison conditions, human rights, medicine, and politics.

Extradition Requests From Abroad

Our team of legal experts provides advice and assistance for clients who are arrested while abroad.

Extradition is a complex area of law, and we understand the difficulties faced by individuals in securing the necessary local expertise when in a foreign country.  We have unparalleled experience in handling these situations and regularly manage large teams of lawyers in different jurisdictions to provide individuals with the very best defence at their disposal.

Where necessary, our lawyers will travel abroad to assist clients and assemble the necessary teams of experts in the relevant jurisdictions to ensure complete protection.  Our team is also able to provide expert strategic advice to individuals facing an international criminal investigation and with regards to any associated INTERPOL issues.

We have successfully represented clients who have been arrested on extradition requests in: France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Monaco.

Extradition appeals and second opinions

Our experienced extradition team is all too aware of the reputational damage and impact that an extradition request can have on an individuals’ livelihood, and their family.

If the Magistrates’ Court has ordered your extradition, you may be able to appeal that decision but there are extremely tight timeframes for doing so. It is, therefore, essential that you act quickly and seek expert advice, which our specialised extradition team is able to provide.

Similarly, if you already have representation but would like a second opinion on your case or any appeal, feel free to contact us. It is crucial that you get the right advice. The law in relation to extradition appeals has tightened up considerably in recent years and it is essential to ensure that you present the strongest possible case at first instance, as it may be too late on appeal.

Securing bail in extradition cases

Our team of extradition experts understand that in extradition cases, there is often tough opposition to bail. Bail in these circumstances will often only be granted if there’s a strong package of conditions provided.

We have an enviable track record of successfully securing bail for our clients and our expertise includes making successful bail applications at short notice.

Recent cases

  • Acted for the recipient of the UK’s first UWO in her successful defeat of an extradition request issued by the Azeri Authorities.
  • Successful discharge from extradition proceedings in an EU member state, following accusations of complex financial crime. Concerned that his data was being incorrectly processed by INTERPOL, Gherson successfully persuaded INTERPOL that to process the client’s data would be in breach of their rules and thus secured the deletion of the client’s data from INTERPOL systems.
  • Successfully defeated two extradition requests emanating from the Russian Federation and seeking the extradition of high-profile business individuals in relation to allegations of financial crime.  Both were on the basis of the successful deployment of human rights arguments.
  • Pre-emptive advice given on a potential extradition request as a consequence of our client’s assets being seized and following spurious allegations of a complex fraud and associated bribery and corruption.
  • Gherson’s expertise was sought by an individual (a UK national) who feared his extradition would be sought to an EU member state in relation to an old but complex allegation of high-value fraud.
  • UK national with outstanding criminal issues in America, spanning the two jurisdictions. The Gherson team lead a team of U.S lawyers to provide advice to the client on liability and strategic steps going forwards.
  • The Gherson team lead a team of lawyers across several jurisdictions to assist a client based in South America who feared potential liability of novel offences under novel law in the UAE.
  • Instructed by a UK national who was arrested in Spain on an arrest warrant issued by the Unites States in relation to complex financial crime offences. Alongside U.S and Spanish Lawyers, this individual sought our assistance in relation to extradition and INTERPOL issues.
  • This individual sought Gherson’s expert advice when her husband was arrested in Spain on an extradition request issued by the Nigerian authorities.  Gherson was instructed to make enquiries with and representations to INTERPOL, along with advice and providing assistance in relation to potential UK liability.