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Corporate Immigration

Gherson is consistently recognised as a market leader in the field of immigration law by both clients and peers alike.

The ability to secure employment permission for the right people to fill skilled jobs in industries around the world has led to a globally mobile workforce, which is often essential to the growth and profitability of business.

The UK government is constantly changing Immigration Laws in order to attract certain skills and stem the flow of others. The result of ever-changing laws and guidance has resulted in UK corporate immigration becoming extremely complex with escalating government ambiguity and an emphasis on self-regulation, which in turn has lead to many businesses falling fail of the rules in place. The resulting effect means many UK business lack the ability to hire and retain global staff, face hefty government fines and also receive negative publicity.

Why choose us for your Corporate Immigration needs?

As an award winning boutique law firm focused on UK immigration law, we are experts at providing custom immigration strategies and support that helps Human Resource departments hire and retain the right people needed to grow their businesses, whilst mitigating the risks imposed by the ever-changing immigration rule and associated guidance.

We are able to assist HR departments to:

  • Undertake preliminary work eligibility assessment
  • Hire and retain the staff needed to grow businesses
  • Minimise the risk of negative press and reputation damage
  • Reduce employment proceedings
  • Avoid criminal and civil penalties
Our Corporate Immigration Services

We're able to advise on a broad range of corporate immigration matters, including:


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Contact Us

For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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