Sponsor Licence Renewal

Sponsor Licences are only granted for a period of 4 years after which you will need to renew your licence. Our experienced team regularly helps businesses and organisations to successfully maintain and renew their Sponsor Licences by:

Sponsor Licence Renewal

When should I renew my licence?

You can apply to renew your licence from 3 months before its expiry date.

If you do not apply to renew your licence before the end of the four-year period it will expire automatically, and you will become unable to sponsor any new employees without applying for a new licence.

In addition, if you have any sponsored migrants working for you, you must renew your licence before it expires if you want them to continue working for you, whether or not you plan to sponsor anyone new.

How do I renew my licence?

You must submit a request to renew your licence through your Sponsor Management System portal.

The Home Office will then scrutinise:

  • Your organisation’s immigration footprint, including level of CoS usage;
  • Your key personnel;
  • Your accreditation/registration with a governing body (if applicable);
  • The structure of your organisation or Group, and any changes in ownership.

The Home Office may decide to grant your renewal request at this point, or they may:

For more information about us and our Corporate Immigration services, or If you require any assistance in renewing your licence or applying for a new one, contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

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