Corporate Immigration

Consistently recognised as a leader in UK corporate immigration, our team of experts are adept at providing custom immigration strategies and support to help Human Resource departments to hire, and retain, the best talent required for their individual growth needs.

The team, headed by Kamilla Kelemen, works closely with businesses and organisations to understand their requirements and future plans.  We help our clients navigate the complex UK immigration system and mitigate any risks imposed by the ever-changing immigration rules and associated guidance.

Corporate Immigration

We advise on the best options for employing overseas nationals, and which visa routes will meet their bespoke needs most efficiently.

Sponsor Licences

The key requirement for many work visa routes is that the employer must first obtain a Sponsor Licence. This will allow your business or organisation to employ overseas nationals through a minefield of different immigration routes.

For many employers the Skilled Worker and Intra-Company Worker routes prove to be the most appropriate.  However, there are also specialist work visa routes such as for International Sportspeople, Creative Workers, Religious Workers, and Charity Workers, to be considered.

Our experienced team will assess your organisation’s circumstances and requirements. We will then advise you on which routes may be best suited to your needs, and help you prepare your licence application and ensure that you are ready for a Home Office inspection visit.

We will also support you throughout the lifespan of your licence, helping you manage compliance with your sponsor duties and the renewal of your licence every four years.

We also regularly provide emergency support for those facing a licence suspension or threatened revocation.

As an international business, we recognise the importance of effective and efficient communication with our clients who come from all over the world. As such, the firm has a range of employees who speak multiple languages and dialects to fluency and currently has coverage in the following languages;

British Sign Language, Chinese – Mandarin , Chinese – Cantonese, ChiChewa, French, German, Georgian, Italian, Nyanja, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Shona, Swedish, Tonga, Twi, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek.

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