INTERPOL Red Notices

Even after an extradition request is defeated, international travel often remains difficult. Even though the threat of arrest and extradition has been defeated in one country, it may still be an issue in others.  With this in mind, we regularly offer advice on future travel arrangements and have extensive experience in cautiously managing the aftereffects of an extradition request. For example, INTERPOL may still be processing data relating to the individual and as such there could remain a risk of arrest when travelling.

Our international legal experts have an enviable success record in successfully challenging Red Notices and securing their withdrawal and removal for clients.

We understand the sheer scale of INTERPOL’s reach and how difficult those affected by a Notice will find it to travel safely when properly considering the risks.

We have successfully obtained the deletion of Red Notices for various clients. However, challenging INTERPOL Red Notices is complex and time consuming. While many law firms, offer to ‘remove’ Red Notices, removal is not always the best strategy, as it does not automatically prevent your arrest.

By appointing our reputable team, you can rest assured that we understand the intricacies of the channels of communication that exist within the INTERPOL system and the ways in which this can harm any future extradition or substantive criminal defence.  Working with our extradition colleagues, we will guide you appropriately and advise you on all your options.

As acknowledged experts in INTERPOL Red Notices, we contributed to a major report by Fair Trial International which found that the INTERPOL system was being abused and helped propose a series of reforms.

We have also recently written a series of blogs designed to assist those who have questions about INTERPOL, including addressing issues such as “How do I know if I am subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice” and “How to remove an INTERPOL Red Notice”.

Recent cases

  • Acted for various successful Russian businessmen and caused INTERPOL to delete a Red Notice in their names and impose preventative measures.
  • Acted for a successful businessman who had had all his assets seized and a Red Notice issued in his name and made representations to INTERPOL.  The relevant jurisdiction had also requested INTERPOL process data relating to this individual and publish a Red Notice in his name.  Gherson made representations to INTERPOL and successfully managed to persuade INTERPOL to remove the Red Notice.
  • This Hong Kong based individual feared extradition to China in relation to allegations of complex fraud offences.  The case had a massively complicated procedural history.  The client instructed Gherson to make enquiries with INTERPOL, to make complex representations to INTERPOL and to advise on potential extradition.  Despite being based on the other side of the world, the client instructed Gherson to assist due to Gherson’s significant expertise in INTERPOL matters, extradition law and human rights.
  • This Dubai based individual feared extradition to China in relation to allegations of complex fraud. The individual instructed Gherson to make enquiries with INTERPOL, and to advise on potential extradition.