Fraud and Financial Crime

Our expert team of white-collar and financial crime lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with all allegations of fraud and financial crime.

We regularly offer comprehensive expert advice in relation to high-profile fraud investigations and prosecutions.

Fraud and Financial Crime

Head of the white-collar crime, investigations, and regulatory group, Thomas Cattee, previously worked at the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as Lead Investigative Lawyer.  The team therefore benefits from his unique insight, knowledge, and understanding of the inner workings of enforcement agencies giving our clients an upper hand when facing probes whether by domestic or by overseas prosecuting agencies.

Our experienced team advises a wide spectrum of clients dealing with all allegations of fraud and financial crime.  Whether an employee or a senior executive finds themselves under the spotlight, we adopt a tactical and astute strategy, tailored to the requirements of each individual case.  Dealing with instances where losses are under £1 million to cross-jurisdictional high-profile investigations involving allegations of multi-billion-pound losses, we have an enviable track record for services provided to clients.  In any case with an international angle our team can offer further expert advice and should any issues relating to extradition arise, then separate advice can be provided.

Having been involved in some of the most notorious SFO cases in the last decade, including the LIBOR and Barclay Qatar cases, we provide advice and assurances throughout any probe, and carefully guide clients early through procedures to secure a successful outcome.

Where the authorities decide to prosecute, we rely on extensive defence and prosecution experience to provide the very best comprehensive and insightful advice. Our stella reputation means that if a trial is unavoidable, we engage the very best Counsel at the top of their field.

What is Fraud and Financial Crime?

Fraud is a type of financial crime. Financial crime is any crime that is economically motivated, the prevalence of which is a substantial threat to the development of economies and their stability.

Financial crime can be divided into two essentially different, although closely related, types of conduct.

Firstly, there are those activities that dishonestly generate wealth for those engaged in the conduct in question. For example, the exploitation of insider information or the acquisition of another person’s property by deceit will invariably be done with the intention of securing a material benefit. Alternatively, a person may engage in deceit to secure material benefit for another.

Secondly, there are those that do not involve the dishonest taking of a benefit, but that protect a benefit that has already been obtained or to facilitate the taking of such benefit. An example of such conduct is where someone attempts to launder criminal proceeds of another offence in order to place the proceeds beyond the reach of the law.

Types of Financial Crime

 Financial crime encompasses the following offences:

When should I seek legal advice?

If you suspect that you or your organisation may have been involved in fraud or financial crime, you should seek legal advice immediately.

There are unfortunately occasions when the first that is known about an investigation is when the authorities come knocking on a door in the early hours, looking to execute a search warrant and conduct interviews under caution.

If you require guidance or advice in relation to Fraud and Financial Crime, or for more information about us and our Criminal Litigation, Investigations and Regulatory services, please contact a member of the team who will be able to assist.


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