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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

With our expert knowledge, the white collar defence team at Gherson are able to advise in relation to matters which touch on the regulation of cryptoassets, or the underlying blockchain technology.

As more and more individuals and corporate investors look to cryptocurrencies  as a potential source of conducting business, the evolving nature of the regulatory framework which is starting to be applied to crypto transactions, requires a fluid and dynamic knowledge of the growing markets.  The global nature of cryptocurrency transactions requires an in-depth understanding of multiple jurisdictions, in order to advise and predict where issues may arise, and our experienced team have adept expertise in doing so.

For those who may unfortunately find themselves the victims of fraudulent schemes, such as through ransomware demands, or who have suffered loss of crypto assets through other wrongdoing, we can provide advice on tracing their property, wherever in the world it may be held, and bringing to bear the full force of civil recovery tools to ensure their return to the client.

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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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