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UK Supreme Court
Will A Prison Sentence Break Your ‘Continuous Residence’ In The UK?

In the recent case Secretary of State for the Home Department (Appellant) v Franco Vomero (Italy) (Respondent), the respondent...

London bus & phone box
EU Settlement Scheme Surpasses 1 Million Applications

According to the latest statistics released by the Home Office on 15 August 2019, over 1 million EEA nationals have now applied...

Stylised mind and circuits
Boris Johnson Calls For More Scientists To Receive Tier 1 Visas

Continued speculation surrounds potential changes to the immigration rules at the initiative of the newly elected Prime...

Uk and EU flags
Home Office Release Update On EU Settlement Scheme Following Reports Of Plans To End Free Movement

The Home Office have today released a statement reassuring EU citizens and their families of their entitlements in the UK...

Hospital beds
Prove Your Status To Use The NHS

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, EEA nationals will be required to prove their rights in the UK in order to access free...

Hong Kong Harbor
Protests Disrupt Hong Kong International Airport

On 13 August 2019, the protests in Hong Kong disrupted Hong Kong International Airport for a second day, despite the attempts...

Westminster Palace
New Immigration Minister Appointed – What Changes Might We See?

Seema Kennedy, the British-Iranian solicitor, has made headlines as she was appointed the new Immigration Minister, replacing...

UK Paliament in Summer
Global Talent Visa – Fresh Hope For STEM Post Brexit?

On 8 August 2019, the Prime Minister announced a new Global Talent Visa to encourage the migration of individuals with top...

Family walking together
What Will Happen To Family Members Of EEA Nationals In The Event Of A No Deal Brexit?

A no deal Brexit… a concept that was once unimaginable is becoming more and more possible by the day. The UK’s new Prime...

Analysis on computer
Home Office Error In Publication Of Minimum Salaries Within The Immigration Rules

In an update released by the Home Office on 1 August 2019, it was announced that “due to an issue with the source data used, a...

Westminster Palace
New Prime Minister’s Turn On UK Immigration Policy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who took up office on 24 July, has stated in the House of Commons that he plans to reverse his predecessor’s...

Corporate meeting
New “Public Good” Requirement Introduced By Home Office For Sponsor Licences

According to the addendum to the Home Office’s guidance for sponsors published on 19 July 2019, the Home Office will now...


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For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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