Extradition Appeals and Second Opinions

Our experienced extradition team is all too aware of the reputational damage and impact that an extradition request can have on an individuals’ livelihood, and also their family.

Extradition Appeals and Second Opinions

If the Magistrates’ Court has ordered your extradition, you may be able to appeal that decision but there are extremely tight timeframes for doing so. It is therefore, essential that you act quickly and seek expert advice, which our specialised extradition team is able to provide.

Similarly, if you already have representation but would like a second opinion on your case or any appeal, feel free to contact us. It is crucial that you get the right advice. The law in relation to extradition appeals has tightened up considerably in recent years and it is essential to ensure that you present the strongest possible case at first instance, as it may be too late on appeal.

For more information about us and our Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance and Interpol services, please contact a member of the team who can answer any questions and guide you through the process.


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