Michael Ventom


International Protection
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Michael has worked in the International Protection team since he joined Gherson LLP in September 2020. He is developing an expertise in complex Asylum, Extradition, Sanctions, Human Rights and White-Collar Crime matters. Michael has successfully managed an extradition case from start to finish, succeeding in bringing about a change in how political motivation is understood in the extradition context, has assisted in a variety of complex asylum cases and has recently been a key associate in a number of multi-faceted sanctions cases. Michael has a particular interest in complex factual and political narratives, intricacies of law and novel legal arguments.

Michael has worked very closely with a number of very prominent barristers from top-tier chambers and continues to develop a broad range of expertise.

Notable experience

  • Currently worked on a multi-faced sanctions case involving numerous judicial reviews against the NCA.
  • Lead fee earner in an extradition case which saw a change in the landscape of extradition law. Wide applicability was given on the political opinion in the extradition courts, with similar principals as asylum.
  • Involved in a highly complex extradition appeal involving novel legal arguments.
  • Member of the team working on a very complex factual asylum appeal case.


  • Admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales: 2023

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