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Tier 1 - High net worth clients

The UK Tier 1 visa routes are for investors and exceptionally talented individuals. The Tier 1 categories are as follows:

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa – a route available for individuals of substantial financial means making an investment in the UK. This route allows individuals to move to the UK with their family to live, study and work.
  • Tier 1 Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise Visa - for "exceptionally talented individuals in the fields of science, humanities, engineering and the arts".
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa This category closed on 29 March 2019. The category remains open to existing entrepreneurs to extend their leave until 5 April 2023 and apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain up until 5 April 2025, after which the category will close completely.

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What is a Tier 1 visa?

Tier 1 is part of the UK immigration’s Points Based System (PBS). There are currently only two Tier 1 categories open to new applicants – the investor visa and the exceptional talent / exceptional promise visas.

What is a Tier 1 Investor visa?

A Tier 1 Investor visa allows migrants who invest a minimum of £2 million into qualifying UK investments to live in the UK. Under this route, the applicant can bring their dependent family members with them to the UK and the route can lead to settlement.

What is a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is closed to new applicants. The route has been replaced by the Innovator and Start-up routes.

What are the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa work restrictions?

A migrant in the UK as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur needs to devote their time to growing the business (or businesses) that they are involved in. An entrepreneur cannot therefore take up alternative employment.

What is the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extension processing time?

The current processing times for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur extension is 8 weeks. There is no Premium Service available for Entrepreneur extension applications.

When can I apply for ILR as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur?

After 5 years in the UK as an Entrepreneur (or 3 years if you apply under the accelerated route), you may be eligible to apply for ILR. You must demonstrate that you satisfy a number of requirements.

Will I be interviewed for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur extension application?

The Home Office have the discretion to interview you when you submit your Tier 1 Entrepreneur extension application.

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