22 Oct 2016, 34 mins ago

United States Pledges Support For China’s Pursuit of Fugitives

Chinese efforts to pursue allegedly corrupt officials abroad received a boost last week with the confirmation that the USA will support their “Sky Net” and “Fox Hunt” programmes.

Whilst there are no formal extradition arrangements between the countries, Chinese authorities claim that the USA has agreed to cooperate with them and both sides have reportedly agreed not to provide a refuge for fugitives in the future. It is understood that the Chinese authorities have provided a priority list of over 150 economic fugitives it believes to be living in the USA.

China has made great strides in the past twelve months in its campaign to hunt down fugitives abroad. Despite a lack of formal extradition treaties with many western nations China has adopted a creative approach to its task, seeking ad hoc arrangements where possible or seeking to invoke domestic immigration law in order to secure the return of individuals wanted for corruption.

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