24 Oct 2016, 23 mins ago

The Home Office have recently introduced a pilot scheme for Tier 4 General Students. The scheme is for those applying to study on a Masters Degree Course of 13 months or less at the following Universities:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Bath
  • Imperial College, London

Those applying for a Masters Degree from any of the above Universities are eligible to participate in the Tier 4 pilot. This includes applicants applying from both inside and outside the UK.

If an applicant does participate in the pilot it allows them to:

  • Stay for an additional period of six months after the end of the course
  • Submit fewer evidential documents, i.e., the applicant will not be required to submit a certificate or documents showing previous qualifications or transcript of results and documents confirming the applicant meets the maintenance requirements. The Home Office accept the Universities’ verification although they are still able to request for these documents if any doubt arises in the application

The Immigration Rules still apply to these applications, therefore all other requirements must be met and the required documents will need to be submitted. In all cases, the applicant must confirm on the application form that they meet the requirements and hold the documentary evidence in the manner required, should the Home Office request the same.