Thomas Garner Of Gherson Speaks At ECBA Conference In Nice

08 Oct 2018, 14 mins ago

Our solicitor, Thomas Garner, was an invited speaker at this weekend’s European Criminal Bar Association’s Autumn Conference in Nice. The event saw over 100 practitioners from across Europe join to discuss various key topical issues affecting the practice of criminal law and extradition throughout the Council of Europe.

The theme of the event was extradition, terrorism and threats to the rule of law. Thomas was speaking as part of a panel regarding ‘emergency issues’ and raised the case of the Moldovan lawyer, Ana Ursachi, who appears to have been targeted in politically motivated criminal proceedings as a result of her work as a defence lawyer in Moldova. Gherson are acting for Ms Ursachi in her application to INTERPOL to prevent an INTERPOL Red Notice being issued for these abusive allegations.

Ms Ursachi made a name for herself representing several prominent figures in Moldova including the leader of the largest opposition political party – Renato Usatii. Renato Usatii was himself targeted with serious criminal allegations leading to the issuance of a Diffusion by INTERPOL. Gherson acted in his case and secured the deletion of the Diffusion (for allegations of large-scale fraud and conspiracy to murder) on the grounds that the allegations and notice were politically motivated.

Thomas is a member of the Human Rights Committee of the ECBA as well as a member of Fair Trials’ panel of Legal Experts. Gherson has acted in numerous cases involving INTERPOL and has secured the deletion of a large number of Red Notices in the past 12 months. Should you wish to have a confidential discussion please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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