24 Oct 2016, 20 mins ago

An independent report has recently suggested that the UK should consider fingerprinting the thousands of immigrants caught trying to enter the country illegally every year via France.

The Independent Commissioner John Vine suggested that the fingerprints could be used for those who later re-entered Britain applying for asylum.

“I find it surprising that people attempting to enter the UK concealed in freight vehicles, who are discovered by Border Force, are no longer fingerprinted at Calais or Coquelles,” he said, referring to two French coastal towns where the Border Force used to fingerprint until 2010.

The Home Office said that they would review their approach, although also noted that fingerprinting was not always of use.

“Taking fingerprints didn’t actually help to remove people who got to the United Kingdom,” immigration minister Mark Harper said, “but we’ve accepted … that it would be appropriate to review our approach.”

As the immigration is going to be a key issue at the 2015 general election, the Conservative-led government has been focusing on cutting down on immigration with efforts to catch illegal immigrants, with spot checks by border staff last month in London and posters warning illegal immigrants to leave the country.