16 Mar 2017, 21 mins ago

The Home Office have recently introduced a system for when a Tier 2 and/or 5 sponsor makes a change of circumstances application on the sponsor management system. They will now receive a notification asking them whether they want to use the priority service.

This service allows sponsors to apply for a faster consideration of the following change of circumstances requests:

  • Add to their certificate of sponsorship allocation
  • Renew their certificate of sponsorship allocation
  • Add a new Level 1 User
  • Replace an Authorising Officer

To use the priority service, the sponsor must:

  • Be a Tier 2 or 5 sponsor
  • Be A-rated
  • Not be a premium sponsor

Once the request has been submitted, the sponsor will be invited to telephone the Glasgow Premium Service Centre to check the availability and pay the fee via debit/credit card for the service. The service costs £200 per change of circumstance request.

A maximum of 20 priority service requests will be accepted each day, Monday to Friday. If the service is fully subscribed, the sponsor will be eligible to apply the next working day.

Successful requests will be considered within 5 working days. If the sponsor is required to send a submission sheet to the Home Office, the 5 working days begins from the date that UKVI receives the submission sheet.

If the request is complex or extra checks are required, then the sponsor will not receive a decision within 5 working days. However if there is a delay due to a technical problem at the Home Office, then the sponsor is eligible for a refund for the service.

The outcome of the request will be sent via email to the respective Authorising Officer or representative’s email address. This service does not guarantee that the request will be approved.

For further information or help using the priority service, please contact Gherson Solicitors.