17 Mar 2017, 36 mins ago

It is essential to be aware that certain foreign nationals  when they arrive to the UK with a visa valid for six or more months they must register with the police and a failure to do so has serious consequences.

The strict requirement to register will be written in either the entry visa vignette, the biometric residence permit or the letter from the Home Office received upon approval of your application.

You must register your leave no later than 7 days of your arrival to the UK.    

In London, the registration process is administered by the Overseas Records Office (OVRO), which is situated near Borough tube station at 323 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JL.

The registration fee is £34, which must be paid at the police station.

In order to register your leave successfully, the following documents must be presented to the OVRO:

•2 passport size colour photographs;
•current passport with visa vignette;
•the Biometric Residence Permit; and
•the letter from the Home Office approving leave application.

Ahead of the registration, the police officer issues an original certificate with your personal data.

In addition, each time there is a change in your circumstances (including a change of status/change or extension of the period for which you have leave to remain in the UK/change of address and other circumstances) the change must be reported to the police and the Police Registration Certificate will be amended accordingly.

If you fail to comply with these strict requirements you could be arrested, prosecuted and fined up to £5,000 or even imprisoned for up to 6 months. Your stay in the UK and subsequent visits may also be affected.

If you are in any doubt please contact our specialist team who will be able to assist you.