Nationality Document Return Service

05 Oct 2018, 14 mins ago

The Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS) is for applicants applying online to naturalise as British citizens or for those under the age of 18 who wish to apply to register as a British citizen. The service allows applicants to take their original documentation to their local authority, where the documents are copied and once the applicant leaves, sent to the Home Office, allowing the applicants to keep their original documents whilst the application is being considered.

To attend an appointment the applicant needs to contact their local authority directly and well in advance of the date they wish to submit their documents. There are mandatory documents that must be provided in their original format. There are 24 Nationality Document Return Services in Greater London and the fees vary according to the location.

One key benefit of this service for the applicant is that in many cases it is possible to also apply for a first British passport. If, for example, you were applying by post, the applicant would not be able to apply for their first British passport.

Once the appointment has been attended, the Home Office may contact the applicant to request additional documentation for their application. This could either be due to the applicant not submitting all the required documents or further evidence being required for the application. If these documents are not submitted by a set deadline, the application may be refused and the application fee may not be refunded. Therefore it is vital that all the required documents are included to avoid complications and delays.

Use of this service does not guarantee that the applicant’s application will be successful. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they have submitted the right documentation and meet the requirements before submitting the application using this service. The benefits of the NDRS are the retention of original documents whilst a decision is pending and the option to submit a nationality and first British passport application at the same time.


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