I am a Fashion Designer wishing to relocate to the UK: what type of visa do I need?

16 Feb 2024, 02 mins ago

The UK is a global fashion hub, offering opportunities for both well-established designers and those looking to start their career in the exciting world of fashion.

If you are a fashion designer looking to work in the UK, you will be required to apply for and obtain a UK visa before your planned visit.

Global Talent

One of the visa categories available for well-established or up-and-coming fashion designers is the Global Talent visa. This visa route was created for those individuals who are leaders in their field, referred to as ‘exceptional talent, or potential leaders, known as ‘exceptional promise’.

The first stage of the visa process requires you to obtain endorsement from the British Fashion Council. As part of this endorsement process, you will be required to present a portfolio of your most notable work during the last 5 years to the British Fashion Council, including independent media coverage. Your application must also be supported by recommendation letters from reputable figures in the fashion world.

If you are successfully endorsed by the British Fashion Council, you can then progress to making an application under the Global Talent category for a visa that would be valid for up to 5 years. Relocating to the UK under a Global Talent visa provides a path to permanent residence in the UK, but this will be subject to you being able to demonstrate that you have generated earnings in the UK within the fashion sector throughout the 5 years of your residence.

Creative Worker

If you are looking for a less permanent stay in the UK, you may be interested in the Creative Worker visa. This visa is designed for individuals who have been offered short-term work in the UK for up to 12 months (which can then be extended for a further 12 months) within the creative sector, which includes the fashion industry.

To qualify for a Creative Worker visa, you must have an offer of a short-term role in the UK and a UK business must agree to sponsor you via their Creative Worker licence. Minimum salary and other requirements will apply.  

There may be other visa options available to you depending on your personal circumstances, your professional background and the type of work you are looking to engage in in the UK. If you are unsure which visa option is best suited for your relocation to the UK, our UK Inbound Team is happy to assist you with your immigration questions and services that you may require.

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