How to choose the right UK partner visa: Marriage Visit, Spouse, Unmarried Partner or Fiancé?

27 Mar 2024, 08 mins ago

This blog explores the differences between the Marriage Visit, Spouse, Unmarried Partner and Fiancé visas and offers tips on how to choose the right one.

As the UK government gears up for changing family visa policies, scheduled for Spring 2024, many individuals are seeking clarity on the most suitable visa options to stay with their British or settled partners. The array of choices—Marriage Visit, Spouse, Unmarried Partner or Fiancé visas—can be confusing.

The Marriage Visit Visa is ideal for those planning to marry in the UK but not intending to reside here permanently, as it facilitates giving notice of intention to marry and conducting the registration of marriage or civil partnership and accompanying ceremonies within the UK. However, holders of the Marriage Visit Visa should bear in mind that they are obliged to exit the UK post-ceremony. This visa does not allow for switching to other partner visas whilst in the UK.

Those envisioning a long-term stay in the UK should consider the visas under Appendix FM, which provide pathways to settlement in the UK. Each caters to diverse relationship dynamics and circumstances.

Determining the appropriate visa depends on various factors, such as your relationship status and financial capability. Spouse visas suit married couples seeking permanent settlement, while the Unmarried Partner route – now more flexible – accommodates couples in substantial relationships without marriage. Fiancé visas, on the other hand, cater to individuals planning to marry their British or settled partner in the UK and then have an option to switch into the Spouse route without leaving the UK.

All partner visas require demonstrating a genuine relationship, meeting financial requirements, ensuring adequate accommodation and English language proficiency. Exceptions may apply in cases of overwhelming obstacles or exceptional circumstances. In such scenarios, you are always advised to seek legal counsel.

Choosing the right UK partner visa demands thorough comprehension of your relationship dynamics and future plans. With the upcoming changes, timely and informed decisions are crucial.

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