How do I check with the Home Office if my immigration status is correct?

20 Mar 2024, 30 mins ago

Ensuring that your immigration status is accurate is crucial, as it dictates your ability to work, rent property and access essential benefits and services in the UK. This blog tackles the questions of how one might go about checking that their immigration status is correct.

If you suspect that the Home Office has misconstrued your immigration status, you have recourses available to you. You can request that the Home Office verify the accuracy of your immigration status, free of charge. Typically, you should receive a response within seven working days of lodging your enquiry,  which will provide clarity on your status.

To initiate this process, you will need to complete the enquiry form, downloadable from the Home Office website, and submit it along with any relevant documentation. You will then need to send the relevant documentation either via email to or by post to the Customer Correspondence Hub (IC).

The documentation you provide can significantly expedite the investigation. Letters supporting your immigration status, copies of correspondence indicating unforeseen cessation of access to work, benefits or services, along with relevant reference numbers, can bolster your case. Should you lack specific documents, the Home Office will still investigate, albeit potentially requiring more time.

Moreover, it is advantageous in this digital age to possess digital proof of your immigration status. Digital proof, obtainable through the Home Office’s online service, streamlines the process, enabling swift verification of your status when required by employers or landlords.

In essence, you must ensure that your immigration status is accurate, as this status allows you to safeguard your rights and ensure access to the benefits of life in the UK.

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