House Of Commons Publishes The Government’s Proposals For UK’s New Immigration System

23 Oct 2019, 08 mins ago

On 18 October 2019 the House of Commons Library published details of the government’s planned post-Brexit immigration system. The report examined the government’s current proposals for the immigration system it intends to implement from 1 January 2021, including the end of free movement of EEA citizens, visa arrangements and a proposed transition period. However, many of the details of how the system will operate and what applicants will be required to evidence remains unknown.

Some of the key points which EEA citizens entering, or planning to enter, the UK after 1 January 2021 should take note of include the following:

  • Free movement of EEA citizens into the UK will end when the UK leaves the EU;
  • The UK’s immigration regime will change regardless of whether the UK agrees a deal with the EU or has a no-deal Brexit;
  • Before the new system is implemented there will be a transition period, commencing after exit day (under both a deal or a no-deal Brexit scenario) during which time free movement in the UK will essentially continue;
  • Under proposals for the future immigration system, citizens from the EU and the EEA will require a visa to enter the UK after Brexit in most cases, except for short stays and tourism.


As the report itself notes, many of the outlined provisions are currently merely policy announcements and the substantive details of many of these proposed policies are largely unknown. However, it does reiterate the government’s intention to expand the Tier 2 visa category (whilst removing certain current requirements), to introduce a Post-Study Work visa route, drop net migration targets and provide an amnesty for certain “illegal immigrants”. The intended policy changes to Theresa May’s Immigration White Paper are also summarised.

The report reminds us that on 6 September 2019 the Home Secretary commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to explore the possibility of an “Australian style points-based system” for the UK. The Migrant Advisory Committee is due to deliver its report on this in January 2020.

The full report may be found here.


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