22 Oct 2016, 58 mins ago

As previously posted, Gherson recently attended the fourth annual Post-Secondary Transfer Options Fair at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Canada. The Transfer Options Fair continues to grow, with institutions from around the world providing Canadian students with the opportunity to study abroad.

The event was hugely popular with around 800 students stopping by and visiting the stands. Many students who were concerned with the restrictions placed upon them under UK immigration rules as well as with meeting the requirements to enter the UK came to the Gherson stand with their questions. The feeling amongst a lot of students seemed to be that the process wasn’t clear and the rules were “always changing”. In fact, it came as a shock to most that the UK Border Agency had ceased all visa processing in Canada and that all applications were now sent to New York to be processed.

A representative of Gherson was also on hand to accompany a UK university around various lectures at SAIT to discuss the UK immigration process for students and answer any general questions they had about it. The queries ranged from visas through to those enquiring as to whether or not they qualified for British citizenship. Those wanting to pursue a specific route were advised to contact us for further information and assistance.