22 Oct 2016, 56 mins ago

On Wednesday 15 May the inaugural Gherson staff go-karting night was held at TeamSport’s excellent two-tier racetrack at Tower Bridge. Although this was billed as a team-building exercise, the air of competition was palpable as the karts’ nippy electric motors sparked into action. Certainly my earlier pleas that I should be allowed to win because it was my birthday fell on deaf ears – our lawyers are a tenacious bunch. Just ask the UKBA. 

Gherson go karting

The session was split into free practice, qualifying and final races for three groups of ten drivers each. After practice sessions mostly spent under waved yellows as we <ahem> ‘got the feel of our cars’, the races began. There were spins, there were prangs, there were disqualifications, and in between that there was even some racing. Congratulations to the winners Chantelle McCoy and Catherine Roxborough, PA to Roger Gherson, who first organised the evening and then won her heat, and her boyfriend Martin who won his. Thanks also to the staff at the track, who made the whole thing run smoothly and indulged our fooling around. And finally to all my colleagues for their (mainly) fair racing and the spirit of fun with which they approached the evening, which will hopefully be the first of many!