General Court Of EU Annul Sanctions Imposed Against Gherson Client

11 Jul 2019, 07 mins ago

In response to the crisis in Ukraine in February 2014, the Council of the European Union decided, on 5 March 2014, to freeze the funds and economic resources, in particular, of persons identified by the Ukrainian authorities as responsible for misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds.

Gherson acted for three individuals on that list, Andriy Klyuyev, Sergiy Klyuyev and Yuriy Ivanyushenko. We had already secured the removal of all three individuals from the sanctions list but on 11 July 2019 the General Court handed down judgment in relation to historic restrictive measures imposed against Andriy Klyuyev in 2018 and confirmed (as indeed it had in previous judgments secured by this firm) that these measures were unlawfully maintained against our client.

Today’s result confirms the correctness of the decision of the Council of the EU to de-list our client earlier this year. It is however extremely disappointing that it took over 5 years to finally reach this point. Our client has, from the outset, presented compelling evidence to the Council of the EU which demonstrated that their decision to place him on the sanctions list was simply wrong and unsustainable. We remain concerned that this evidence was simply ignored by the Council of the EU for over 4 years. The judgment confirms that the Council did not properly investigate the underlying allegations being made by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine and instead, “merely accepted the explanations given by the PGO”. This was completely unacceptable.

As a firm we are delighted to have now secured the permanent removal of all of our clients from the sanctions list but the fact that it has taken 5 years to reach this point is troubling. It is to be hoped that the Council of the EU will learn from the judgments that have been handed down in these cases and not subject other individuals to these draconian measures without ensuring there is proper evidence from the requesting state.


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