COVID-19 Travel Restrictions – Is It Possible To Travel To And From The UK?

17 Mar 2020, 59 mins ago

The World Health Organization has classified COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as a pandemic in light of the fact that it has now reached 125 countries and territories.

In a bid to secure and to contain the virus, travel restrictions are being implemented across borders worldwide. Many airlines have postponed flights and major airports are putting emergency preventative measures in place. As trepidation grows around the fast-spreading virus, more and more countries are introducing travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine precautions and health screenings.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed last week that Britain will remain open at this time, and will not be closing its border to migrants. This is a significant step away from the lead set by other countries, including the US, Austria and Israel. 

However, the Foreign Office is currently advising against all non-essential travel to various European, Asian, South American, and Caribbean countries, as well as to the US. Whilst no formal restriction has been placed by the UK on travel to these countries, there may be measures in place which have been implemented by the destination country which will adversely affect travellers from the UK (such as the US, for example). 

The President of the European Commission has proposed an EU-wide travel ban on all non-essential travel into countries of the European Union. Presently, the UK will be exempt from these travel restrictions, which are due to be finalized by European leaders today. Despite this, certain countries including Armenia, Sweden and Belarus intend to impose health screenings and possible quarantine measures to all visitors, including those from the UK.

The following locations continue to implement a ban on all travellers from the UK: the US, India, Qatar, Oman, Bhutan, Aruba, Benin, Guatemala, El Salvador, Kuwait, and North Korea. Each of these countries has implemented a ban on all travellers from regions with confirmed cases of the virus.

Until further notice, British nationals are no longer able to apply for tourist visas to Vietnam unless they are travelling together with a tour operator. Similarly, countries including Sri Lanka, Bahrain, and Bangladesh have suspended the issue of visas on arrival, although British nationals are still able to apply for a visa online and in advance of their trip.

Countries including Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malta, Israel, Lebanon and Uganda require travellers to self-isolate for 14 days, regardless of where they arrive from. 

Needless to say, if you have been in Italy, China or Iran within the last 14 days, additional travel restrictions may apply to you.
In an environment where the popular response has been to limit cross-border travel, the UK presently remains open to welcoming migrants.

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  Navka Raja

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