24 Oct 2016, 16 mins ago

Registration with the police is a condition of many types of visa for certain foreign nationals over the age of 16 years old who come to the UK. Those required to register must do so within seven days of entering the UK, and any changes that require registering (such as an extension of leave, switch of immigration status, marital status, address or passport change) must likewise be registered within seven days of the change.

Those residing outside of the London area will need to register at the nearest police station specified as a registration office. For those residing in the London area, registration must take place at the ‘Overseas Visitors Records Office’ (‘OVRO’) located in Borough.

During the months of August, September and October the OVRO sees a sharp increase in the number of foreign nationals attending to register due to the number of international students coming to the UK for the start of the academic year. In an attempt to make the process as seamless as possible, and no doubt to try and avoid the scenes of 2012 when foreign nationals were made to start queuing from the early hours, the Metropolitan Police has introduced a Registration Proforma. As of 2 September 2013, those who wish to register at the OVRO must complete and sign this form, and bring this with them to the OVRO along with the documents referred to below.

Persons wanting to register will need to bring the following with them to the OVRO:

·The completed on line registration proforma

·Two passport sized photographs (cut to passport photo size and stapled to the completed proforma)

·Current passport (containing visa), and a clear photocopy of the identity page and the visa page

·Biometric Residence Card (if applicable), and a clear photocopy of both sides


The process for students registering can be found on the Metropolitan Police OVRO website.

If you are required to register with the police and you will be registering a London address, then please visit the Metropolitan Police OVRO website  for more information.