17 Mar 2017, 42 mins ago

The Premium Service Centre is the “same day” service option that is offered to migrants making in-country applications (not available for all visa types).

Previously using the service simply meant an additional charge of £400.00 per applicant. However due to the high number of applicants arriving very late, or not at all to the scheduled appointments additional charges have now been implemented.

These additional charges are as follows:

  • £63.00 will need to be paid if an appointment has been selected outside “normal” office hours, i.e. before 9am, Monday to Friday; after 4pm, Monday to Friday; and anytime on Saturday. Due to the high demand of appointments, the additional charge appointments are often only available at short notice.
  • A late arrival fee has also been introduced which is £25.00 per applicant, however if there is a “reasonable excuse” for the delayed arrival there is the option to discuss this with a manager who will decide whether the additional charge can be waived.

If you have any queries in respect of the above changes please do not hesitate to get in contact with our specialised team.