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What the judges say:

"It has been a rare privilege for us to sit on an appeal whose preparation, presentation and tone has been more akin to that of the Chancery Division of the High Court than of the First-tier Tribunal of the Immigration Appeals Court. We repeat our expression of appreciation at the end of the hearing to the Appellants' solicitors Gherson for their characteristically superb preparation of the appeal ... to all three advocates for their clear and comprehensive written and oral submissions. It is a tribute to this preparation and presentation that we feel able to determine the appeal within a relatively concise compass." 

"Thank you very much indeed. We would like to thank everyone for their help and the preparation in this case. Gherson have prepared to an exceptionally high standard. You cannot imagine how helpful it is for all materials to be set out in this way, so thank you very much."

"In an entirely non-partisan way, we would express our appreciation to Gherson, and to the Treasury Solicitors for their preparation of the documents in the appeal, particularly on the part of Gherson, this has been characteristically superb. Thank you all, it has been of great assistance to us."

What the clients say:

"I must say at the outset that I am extremely pleased with the way the team has presented and prepared for my case, which finished a few hours ago. I would like to put on record the job done was not just exceptional - but par excellence. We are extremely thankful to you all for the way you prepared and presented the case ... (names removed). I have seen many cases in my lifetime and have been party to over a hundred by now, the way this one I experienced was just a sheer delight to watch and be part of."

"Whatever may be the result - which I do not want to speculate - I must thank each and every one of you for doing just a remarkable job ... I can definitely say that I had the best legal team one could possibly ask for. Therefore I dub you the Dream Team."

Contact Us

For advice on immigration, nationality, extradition or human rights, please contact us now.

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